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Sector Risk Assessment infographics- Q3 2022

Coface Sector Risk Assessments - Q3 2022

Coface's assessments of 13 major global sectors are based on 75 years of Coface expertise and on the financial data published by listed companies from 6 geographical sectors.

Our methodology is based on 8 criteria integrated in three main pillars:

  • Coface’s expertise and payment experience data,
  • External financial data forecasts (quantiles),
  • Multifactorial key items (commodities price forecasts, structural changes, Coface country risk assessment).

This quarter, Coface downgraded 49 sectoral assessments. It highlights the clear deterioration of conditions in sectors sensitive to the economic cycle such as construction, metals and wood, in a variety of geographies.


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Download this publication : Sector Risk Assessment infographics- Q3 2022 (1.92 MB)
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