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Debt Collection

Late payments can negatively affect your business - if not treated in the right way. Therefore, this activity requires a high level of legal expertise and a global talent network, which Coface has both through its own resources as well as those of its “Coface Partners" network. 
Coface Central Europe collection specialists have in-depth knowledge of the business cultures in the CEE region and a detailed understanding of the economic factors that influence payment behaviour. They are supported by up-to-date information from our information database (ICON).
You have access to our debt collection services for both their insured and uninsured invoices.
Debt Collection
A US exporter of electrical equipment for the trade has to contend with non-payment by a Brazilian reseller. Unfamiliar with local rules and practices, the company’s legal advisors and chief financial officer are not sure which course to pursue.
The company calls on Coface, which has had an office in Brazil since 1998. The Coface team contacts the reseller. Given the latter’s difficulties, they reach an amicable agreement and come up with a solution consisting of a ten-month repayment plan.
At the end of this period and backed by a study commissioned with Coface, the US exporter decides to continue the relationship with this reseller. Since then, the reseller has been a reliable partner.

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