The “Made in Russia” strategy: a limited instrument for economic diversification


Thanks to the efforts of the authorities, the diversification of the Russian economy is progressing, particularly in certain sectors such as information technology, pharmaceuticals, the automotive industry and the agrifood sector. In the latter case, the process was encouraged by Russian counter-sanctions adopted as a response to Western sanctions.

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Netherlands: What is the secret of Dutch trade?


In 2018, the Netherlands were the sixth-largest goods exporter in the world. In the service-exports category, the Dutch placed eighth in 2015. Considering exports relative to GDP, the Netherlands took third place in 2015 (right behind Ireland and Switzerland). However, times have changed...

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CEE insolvencies: so far, so good despite an increasingly challenging global economic environment


The Central and Eastern European region has experienced unparalleled growth in the European Union. However, a slowdown is expected in the coming years.

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GCC: tight financial conditions for businesses feed alternative sources of financing


Despite improving economic performances across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), monetary and financial conditions remain tighter compared with before 2015. Access to financing remains one of the key issues for companies, particularly for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Loan growth in the region has recovered somewhat thanks to higher oil prices, but it remains below its historical average.

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