Coface Baltic Top 50 - 2018 Edition


In 2017, the Baltic States benefited from a rebound in external demand. All countries recorded a high growth rate of exports. However, the ongoing increase in household consumption and a revival of investments made domestic demand the main driving force of these economies. The results of the largest companies in the region underline this positive economic development. Overall turnover increased by 9.8%. Net profits likewise developed well, posting a rise of 25.3% for all top 50 companies.

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Coface Adriatic/Balkan Top 50 - 2018 Edition


Last year saw solid economic activity in the Adriatic/Balkan region. However, this did not apply to all countries. The largest companies in the region took advantage from the economic growth and grew themselves by an impressive 17.0%, with Slovenian companies profiting the most (+22.6%). However, in the country ranking, Croatia took the lead as the home country for most companies (17). Overall net profits increased by 6.7% in 2017 and employment by 2.0%.

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Corporate brochure - Coface 2018


For Trade, more than an ambition, our commitment.

Our tagline, For Trade, reflects Coface’s purpose and deep commitment to trade.

We make trade – business – easier.

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Businesses in Greece: finally, a fresh start?


With Greece about to pull out of its third bailout package, signs of economic recovery are multiplying: 2017 was a year marked by the return of positive growth (+1.4%), and - despite weakening growth in the eurozone - Greek GDP growth is expected to be close to 2% in 2018, with Greek households and businesses remaining more optimistic in the first half of the year than in 2017.

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