Coface report looks at China and Australia's trade relationship


The China-Australia bilateral relationship deteriorated sharply over 2020, with China imposing trade restrictions on a number of Australian exports. But there are growing concerns that an escalation of bilateral tensions will see China hardening its stance towards Australia.

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Insolvencies in France: +22,000 businesses left dangling


In France, the number of corporate insolvencies in January 2021 fell by 38% year-on-year – exactly the same drop as in 2020. Although the economic & health crisis has not affected all sectors the same way, insolvencies have fallen significantly across the board. However, taking into account government support measures and the drop in turnover by sector, insolvencies in France should have risen by 6.5% in 2020. Learn more about 2020’s “hidden insolvencies” in our Focus.

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The business insolvency paradox in Europe: miracle and mirage


Normally, insolvencies rise when the economy contracts. Yet, in 2020, insolvencies fell in all major eurozone economies. It is safe to assume that government support is keeping many fragile firms alive – are we therefore seeing the “calm before the storm”, with a wave of insolvencies around the corner?

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Middle East & Africa: volatile oil prices lead to varying effects on producing countries, including diversification


The COVID-19 pandemic’s negative impact on global GDP growth and trade volumes caused a sharp decline in oil prices. Coface expects oil prices to remain volatile in the upcoming quarters. Read our forecasts in our latest Panorama.

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