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Morocco: credit opinion survey

Morocco: credit opinion survey

Corporate payment habits and the proportion of overdue payments they record are a good indicator of the health of an economy. Longer payment terms are an indicator not only of a company’s poor financial health but are also likely to have a knock-on effect on all its suppliers.


In 2011, Morocco introduced regulation setting out the rules for payment deadlines in order to harmonise company practices in this area. However, there are no studies providing an overview of these practices. After initiating payment surveys in 2003 for China and seven other Asian countries, Coface now intends to replicate this for Morocco.

This publication is in three parts. First, we set out the background to the survey conducted. In the second section we provide an overview of payment practices. Finally, we conclude the study with the respondents’view of Morocco’s economic prospects.


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  • Payment periods in Morocco: an overview
  • Economic prospects for businesses
  • Appendix: charts










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