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TART, s.r.o.

The credit insurance company improves discipline internally and externally
TART, s.r.o.

Our company has set many years ago a very good process for managing assets and minimizing losses resulting from them. Nevertheles we decided to insure a significant part of our revenue at Coface last year. After one year of cooperation, we can say that it was the right step forward. We appreciate not only the product istself, but especially professional, fast and quality service and willingness to find solutions.


Positive fact is also the "psychological" aspect of the insurance. The very fact that claims are insured, could be perceived as there is no need to worry about the debt, but it is vice versa. Our colleagues know that any negligence in the care of the claim would reduce our chances for indemnification. A similar impact is significant also at potential debtors. Most of those who were late with their payments have paid shortly as they were afraid that this could learn the credit insurance company.

IT Bohemia, spol. s r.o.

Coface protect our company against unpaid debts as well as our customers
IT Bohemia, spol. s r.o.

Six years ago we were looking for a stable partner in order to build a long-term cooperation in the field of credit insurance, a partner who will be willing to communicate with us and to solve non-standard situations that may in business occur very often.


We decided for Coface which has extended its product portfolio for those few years of common cooperation to be able not only to us, but also other entities provide products that are most effective and acceptable for both sides at the moment. I am convinced that professional approach of Coface employees protect our company against unpaid debts as well as our customers from unpayable liabilities. I would like to thank you for the very good cooperation in the field of debt collection.

JTI Romania

A quality product that brings added value
JTI Romania - Testimonial

Coface is the partner with whom any company would like to work when referring to credit insurance.


The professionalism of their employees, their willingness to really understand the client's business field and to provide a quality product that brings added value alongside the approach of implementing a win-win partnership are just some essential positive aspects experienced during our collaboration with Coface.


JTI is a an international tobacco product manufacturer. 

AB Rokiskio suris

We see Coface as a partner that will help us avoid making serious mistakes
AB Rokiskio suris - Testimonial

We started cooperating with Coface in 2011. We are constantly exploring and expanding to new markets and from this perspective, we see Coface as a partner that will help us avoid making serious mistakes.


Coface’s help in our expansion to the Near and Far East is particularly important. These markets are new for us, and they have their own business traditions and certain special features; we are, therefore, glad that Coface is helping us to develop our business successfully by providing direct services as well as creating added value through advice. This includes indicating what course of action might be more beneficial in the mentioned markets, and helping us to understand where the threats and opportunities lie.


AB Rokiškio Sūris group is one of the largest groups of Lithuanian dairy processing companies.

How Coface credit insurance can help you prevent non-payment of invoices?

- Anticipate and resolve payment arrears from a customer;
- Benefit from the quality and strength of Coface’s prevention;
- Receive personalised advice from a Coface expert present in your market;
- Focus on growing your business.
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