About Coface

Our mission

Helping businesses take the right decisions

Our mission is to assist companies in deciding on the credit risks resulting from collaborating with business partners and to help them make sure that their receivables are collected. We are a partner that professionally assesses the financial risks of a business collaboration and thus contributes to the development and protection of our clients' business relations.
Coface is represented in the Czech Republic in all the major product lines of the French group, Coface (Compagnie Francaise d´Assurance pour Commerce Extérieur). This representation is organised by two limited liability companies and an insurance branch.
Credit Insurance
has been provided by Coface in the Czech Republic since 2007. Coface is permanently one of the three largest global players in credit insurance and is renowned for its efforts to constantly improve the quality and scope of its services. Therefore it pays particular attention to developing its extensive risk database of more than 80 million business subjects. Cofanet online system gives Coface clients 24-hour Internet access to the database and can therefore assess their buyers' risk and update their credit limits used for credit insurance. This is Coface's primary line and historically its most developed one as Coface has been focussing on it since its beginning in 1946.
Information and Debt Collection
is historically the oldest service that has been provided by Coface in the Czech Republic, since 1991. In that year a company called Intercredit was created to provide information about businesses and debt collection services. Today it operates under the name Coface Czech Services spol. s r.o. It currently provides a wide portfolio of services that covers the entire chain of activities from identifying companies, evaluating business partners' credit status through to the collection and management of debts. The company's customers in this field are financial institutions, enterprises in industry and services, data providers and organisations that are involved in business risk management worldwide.
Knowledge of the local environment
Coface's services are based, onto ICON database that provides online information about 12 million business in central and eastern Europe making it one of the largest databases of its kind in this region.
These comprehensive databases are compiled and regularly updated by our specialists. The result is unique information that can be used to identify and assess the risks involved in business. By working with a network of affiliated companies in a total of 66 countries we are able to offer a full range of receivable management services. 
Global know-how
Coface has been helping companies since 1946 to manage and protect their receivables through three groups of products:
  • Credit Insurance
  • Business Information about companies
  • Debt Collection
  • Czech
  • English