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A secure interface to manage your credit insurance in your own IT systems

CofaServe in a nutshell:

  • Credit insurance management in your IT system
  • Reduce policy management administration to focus on key risks
  • Achieve quick turnover, even on huge volumes of buyers
  • Improve internal level of service to Sales with real-time answers on simple cases
  • Have it all done in a secured and reliable way
CofaServe: a web data-exchange solution to manage credit insurance in your IT system

CofaServe provides a direct connection between your IT system and Coface, facilitating your day-to-day business.


CofaServe is an alternative to CofaNet Essentials for managing your credit insurance policies. It fits companies regularly managing hundreds of credit limits, as it favors a machine-to-machine communication over the classical man-to-machine scheme. CofaServe is a secure solution for web data exchange in realtime between your IT systems and Coface.
Smooth Integration in your system
Prior to using CofaServe, it is necessary to adapt your credit management system, enabling it to communicate with ours. But do not worry… It sounds more complicated than it actually is!
CofaServe is using a market standard when it comes to XML data exchange. All technical aspects are comprehensively documented in our IT technical documentation. Our CofaServe support team will help you during the integration phase… and after.

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