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Credit Insurance

Whether you operate exclusively in Czech Republic or also internationally, you know the importance of protecting yourself against unpaid invoices, which can slow down your business significantly and pose a threat to your company.
Insuring your company’s sales is vital to ensure its long-term viability. Thanks to our database covering more than 65 million businesses worldwide, combined with our network of collection experts in 100 countries, at Coface we offer you unique knowledge of your customers, to help you make fair and accurate decisions for all your operations with nearly 200 countries.
Credit Insurance
Coface insures the trade receivables of a French SME that produces aromatic ingredients. This company, which has genuine know-how and an excellent reputation, is on the verge of obtaining its first major contract with a mass market retailer of household fragrance products.
After an in-depth analysis of this retailer’s situation, Coface warns the company of the customer’s non-payment risk. The CEO, with input from the plant manager and the head of sales for large accounts, is nevertheless prepared to proceed with this order, which alone would increase the company’s annual sales by 5%.
After further reflection, the chief financial officer decides to request a meeting with a Coface analyst, who convinces him emphatically of imminent and serious difficulties with the prospect. In the end, the company passes up the deal and leaves it to a competitor. That competitor is never paid by the retailer, which files for bankruptcy just a few weeks after the meeting with Coface.

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About Credit Insurance

How can credit insurance help you?
Credit insurance offers 3 complementary services : professional assessment of the financial situation of your customers, indemnification and debt collection of your unpaid invoices.

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